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Appendix A Geotechnical Report

appendix a geotechnical report

A geotechnical engineer classified representative soil samples obtained during our field exploration using the AASHTO Soil Classification System in general accordance with ASTM D 2488. A Key to the Soil Classification System is included in Appendix A.


appendix ii – general notes . appendix iii – grain size analysis . appendix iv – consolidation test results . appendix v – rock core photographs . appendix vi – items to include in drilled pier . specifications . appendix vii – important information regarding your . geotechnical report


APPENDIX A GEOTECHNICAL REPORT 1. Geotechnical Investigation Report Package 15 Pump Station Rehabilitations Prepared by Antillian Engineering Associates, October 30, 2015 2. Pump Station R/R Package 15 Improvements NPDES Groundwater Quality Report Prepared by G.E.A.R, Inc., August 10, 2015 3.


Figure A-2, Site and Exploration Plan included in Appendix A. Information obtained from the field evaluation, laboratory testing, and geotechnical analyses was utilized to develop the recommendations presented in this report. 3.0 SITE CONDITIONS

Appendix A – Geotechnical Analysis Report

GEOTECHNICAL DATA REPORT BAY PARK SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT PERIMETER FLOOD PROTECTION . ARCADIS U.S., Inc. 27-01 Queens Plaza North, Suite 800 . Long Island City, New York 11101 . Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers 14 Penn Plaza, 225 West 34th Street New York, NY 10122 . January 8, 2014

Example Geotechnical Report - Peterson Construction

Existing (pre-current field investigation) soil borings for the site are included in Appendix A and indicate the in-place waste is underlain by a soft, organics-rich, and variably thick marine clay variously identified in the boring logs as soft clay, silty clay, and Bay Mud. 2 The stratigraphic


Appendix A. Geotechnical Investigation A.1 Background A.1.1 Purpose The purpose of this geotechnical report is to provide a summary of the key background information available, and coupled with additional fieldwork (when it is available), to provide key points for the project covering both


A geotechnical design report typically provides an assessment of existing subsurface conditions at a project site, presents, describes and summarizes the procedures and findings of any geotechnical analyses performed, and provides appropriate recommendations for design and construction of foundations, earth retaining structures, embankments, cuts, and other required facilities.


Report of Geotechnical Exploration Stormwater Drainage Improvements (Segments B-F), South Haven, Indiana June 20, 2018 Page 3 3 General Subsurface Conditions The subsurface materials encountered and groundwater observations at each boring are described in detail in the respective Test Borings Logs provided in the Appendix.

Appendix F: Geotechnical Assessment Report

The Geotechnical Engineering Group (GEO) prepared this report in response to a request from the Bond Programs Division. This report is based on visual observation, subsurface investigation and laboratory testing.

APPENDIX F Geotechnical Investigation Report

Geotechnical Engineering Report Lower Accokeek Pump Station Woodbridge, Virginia August 8, 2018 Terracon Project No. EV175158 Reliable Resourceful Responsive 2 Table 1. Project Description Item Description Site layout See Appendix A, Exhibit A-2: Boring Location Plan Project Development

Geotechnical Report - LA City Planning

Geotechnical Engineering Report 1 May 29, 2019 McCormick Woods Parcel A, Port Orchard, Washington RGI Project No. 2019-088 1.0 Introduction This Geotechnical Engineering Report (GER) presents the results of geotechnical the engineering services for the McCormick provided Woods Parcel A in Port Orchard, Washington.

Appendix B Geotechnical Summary Report (Report appendices ...

 Compilation of this geotechnical and infiltration report which presents our findings, conclusions, and recommendations for site development. The intent of this report is to aid in the assessment of the site for future proposed development from a geotechnical perspective.


appendix d geotechnical report . geotechnical investigation proposed mixed-use development 117 and 129 east huntington drive 124, 126, and 134 wheeler avenue arcadia, california prepared for new world international, llc diamond bar, california project no. a9805-06-01 august 2, 2018.

Geotechnical Report Addendum

Appendix D: Geotechnical Investigation Report . ... • Perform geotechnical laboratory tests on selected samples, • Perform geotechnical engineering analyses, and • Preparation of this geotechnical investigation report for the pr oposed project.

Geotechnical Engineering Report

This report contains the findings of GeoPro’s geotechnical investigation, together with the geotechnical engineering recommendations and comments. These recommendations and comments are based on factual information and are intended only for use by the design engineers.


environmental aspects of this site was beyond the scope of services for this geotechnical feasibility study. This is a revised report. The original report was issued on April 11, 2018. This report includes revisions to the Project Description (Section 3.2) and the Boring Location Plan, included as Plate 2 in Appendix A of this report.


Report on Geotechnical Investigation Project 82426.01 Lot 3 and Lot 15597 Wilkins Street, Bellevue, WA March 2015 Test locations were determined using GPS coordinates and are marked on Drawing 1 in Appendix B.

Services to be furnished by CONSULTANT - IN.gov | The ...

Appendix G - Geotechnical Investigation Summary Report Poona Boat Ramp Upgrade Project - Geotechnical Investigation The Information contained in this report may only be relied upon strictly in accordance with the project under which the

Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report

logs contained in Appendix B. The raw results of the drive sampler testing are shown on the boring logs in the column "Penetration Test (blows/foot)”. The standard penetration blow counts (N) were corrected and used during the geotechnical engineering evaluation and analysis to correlate soil strength and structure bearing characteristics.


The 2018 Subsurface Exploration and Geotechnical Engineering Report by Geotechnical Consultants, Inc. provided an existing CBR of 5.0 at a location approximately 1,000’ from the runway. Additional site observations by R.D. Zande and Associates indicated soil characteristics similar to that of a

Geotechnical Engineering Report - Arnell-West

Plate 2 in Appendix A of this report. The Boring Logs, which illustrate the conditions encountered at the boring locations, as well as the results of some of the laboratory testing, are included in Appendix B. 4.2 Geotechnical Conditions Pavements Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements were encountered at the ground surface at Boring

Geotechnical Engineering Report - Veterans Affairs

GEOTECHNICAL EXPLORATION Dear Ms. Gates: ENGEO prepared this geotechnical report for Hanover R.S. Limited Partnership as outlined in our agreement dated July 19, 2017. We characterized the subsurface conditions at the site to provide the enclosed geotechnical recommendations for design.

Appendix E: Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation

The results of Golder’s geotechnical investigation are presented in our 13 January 2020 Geotechnical Data Report titled “Geotechnical Data Report Highway 95 Improvements, Radium Hot Springs, BC” (Rev#: 19115216-400-006-R-Rev0). This report is presented in Appendix B. The following section presents a summary of the


Appendix C, Geotechnical Laboratory Test Results. • Engineering Analysis: Data obtained from our background review, field exploration and geotechnical laboratory testing was evaluated and analyzed ... Geotechnical Engineering Report” presented on at the end of this report.

Appendix A Geotechnical Report

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Appendix A Geotechnical Report